What I’ve been doing on my paternity leave

(Sara Shellenberger style)

I’ve had 2 weeks off for having a baby.  It’s been busy, but I’ve found myself with brief interrupted time slots that I’ve managed to do some other things with.  Here they are…

Removed a large stump and replaced with one of these.

Started cleaning the basement.  Realized we need to have one of these.

Memorized the countries in Central and South America and Africa.  You can take the quizes here and here to see how you do.  (Motivation – A Norwegian friend once told me that Americans are a global laughingstock not only because they are arrogant and lazy but geographically ignorant)

Read several magazines all the way through, namely this, these, and these.

Went on a few of these.

Finished reading New Testament (accomplished one month goal).  Passage hitting me right now is this.

Watched old and new movies like this and this.

Watched several episodes of this and this.

1 Response to “What I’ve been doing on my paternity leave”

  1. September 7, 2009 at 7:19 pm

    YES! A shout out–in cyberspace! I feel so honored…I have to be honest, though, WordPress gets another nod for giving the fab “screen shot” when you hover. Dang. That is a great feature. Also, your little girl is really freaking cute. So glad you brought back the blog!

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