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2009… the year of discipline

Maybe it’s ambitious, as it is only Jan 7, but a friend and I are attempting to discipline ourselves in a new way every month. So in January we drink no soda.
Here are some of the ideas we have for upcoming months –
no alcohol
no eating out
no television
no internet (save work related necessities)
no purchasing anything new
no dessert or eating after 8pm.
exercising 5 times a week
no music
getting up an hour early for work everyday

We’d love the company if you’d like to join us. We also welcome other suggestions.

Denying my body the things that it desires helps me to rule my body with my will rather than the other way around. I believe that God created us to rule our bodies with our will. I look forward to the possibility of change in myself and in my friend.


Last Time I Cried…

Someone asked me that the other day. My answer was the last time I saw this video. I originally saw it on Oprah (so sue me). It’s about a baby born with trisomy 18. When was the last time you cried?