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Don Miller @ DNC

One of my favorite authors gave the closing prayer on the first night of the Democratic National Convention.  I have no idea how he got this gig, but I love the prayer.

Thanks to Rustin for the link.

And here‘s Christianity Today interviewing Don before the prayer.


Timely and Difficult Questions from Africa

So today Jenny and I celebrated the 3 year anniversary of our wedding. I’ve had an email from Gordon (a friend who we met in Africa in December) in my inbox for a couple of weeks now. He is at university in Kampala, Uganda and has a new girlfriend. He wrote me to ask me some questions. It was a good chance to reflect back on the course of Jenny and my relationship. Here are the questions with my responses.

How did you manage to be committed to one another? Well, it has not been that difficult. From very early on I was so drawn to her that none could draw me away even if they had tried. Sure, there were times during our dating that I would ask myself whether I wanted to continue down the road with her or not. But those questions were always short-lived due to my certainty that there was no other that could be better for me.
What is your greatest inspiration? I had two inspirations during our dating. The first is all of the couples (including both sets of our parents) that have been examples of life-long love and commitment to one another. They inspired me with hope that long happy marriages are possible. The other inspiration was all of the couples that I knew that were having a difficult time in their marriage. It inspired me to, once we were married, do whatever I had to do to serve Jenny and make our relationship one that we were both happy in.


10 things that I should have blogged about this summer

1. The time I was invited over to my neighbor’s trampoline by 2 girls at 5am.

2. The time I was almost run over during a liquor store robbery in Prairie Village.

3. My mission trip to Chicago and how much I love that city.

4. My vacation to Colorado and my new resolve to visit each summer.

5. The time I went out on a limb and met a potentially creepy stranger for disc golf.

6. The time my summer staffers T.P.’d my house.

7. My time at the Homeless Ministry and how funny it is to see a homeless guy walking around in your clothes.

8. My recent favorite movies including old (Mary Poppins, that’s right I said it, Beetlejuice) and newer (King of Kong and No Country for Old Men).

9. Other stuff that I did with my youth group and summer staffers, aka, lock-ins, an in depth study of the book of Matthew, and visiting some great local pastors.

10. The time the swat team made a visit to my neighborhood.

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