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As I loaded up my briefcase for teaching at Kansas City Christian School last week, I found it’s contents to be funny.
1. Bible

2. Michael Moore’s SiCKO

3. Prayer requests from prisoners at Leavenworth

4. My talk on the death penalty

5. Wintogreen mints
It was a great experience to have. The kids at KCCS were very thoughtful and open. But the highlight was getting to witness my buddy Reid with his high school kids. Those kids are lucky to have a guy that is so knowledgeable and thoughtful about the Bible. Reid is doing some great work there. Maybe I’ll talk more about my thoughts on the death penalty in a future post.


Manute Bol, the legend

On Sunday Manute Bol visited my church. Bol played in the NBA in the 80’s for the Bullets and 76ers. He was arguably the tallest player in the league’s history. He stands 7’7”. It was unreal. He looked like he was from a different planet. He has an interesting past. After the NBA he had a terrible taxi accident that resulted in a broken neck, almost an amputated arm and almost death.

He also sent nearly all of his $3 million back to his home country of Sudan and continues to be heavily involved in their aide.  He currently resides in our own Olathe, KS.

While in the NBA he set many records for blocked shots, but the crowd favorite was when he shot 3-pointers, which he did often. In one game he made 4 of them in a half.